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– When Business Conditions Have The CEO in a Squeeze

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Watch the video series “In Less than 3 Minutes” that explains each layer in the Profit Pillar and the questions a CEO can review with his executives in creative meetings to explore each layer for ways to Get More with Less.

1. In Less Than 3 Minutes –  Introduction to The Profit Pillar Layers

Just started a new series called: “Getting More with Less in less than 3 minutes”.  Here’s the intro to The Profit Pillar that applies to every organization whether industrial, commercial, service, healthcare or government.

2. In Less Than 3 Minutes –  Introduction to The Resource Layer

Here’s the second short video in the series “In Less than 3 Minutes”.  We explore the Resource Layer in an organization from which funds flow throughout the organization to produce products or services.  Every organization has this Resource Layer.

3. In Less Than 3 Minutes –  The Information and People Layer

This video outlines the Information and People layer of the Profit Pillar. It suggests the questions the executive team could ask in creative meetings aimed at improving throughput, performance and cost reduction to get more from less.

6. In Less Than 3 Minutes –  The Logistics Layer

This video outlines the Logistics Layer on which your organization’s Profit Pillar stands. The video explores the questions the CEO can ask his executives when reviewing the Logistics Layer of your organization to improve throughput, reduce costs and grow.

7. In Less then 3 Mins – Environment Analysis

When the Chief Executive wants to set up creative meetings with the C-Level team to find ways to improve throughput, enhance performance and reduce costs, it’s important for the executive of each function to research the departments in the functional layer in preparation for the meeting. This should begin with understanding each department’s internal and external environment. This is where costs happen.

8. In Less then 3 Mins – Process Analysis

Before the CEO gets his C-Level team together to review the organization’s performance and cost structure, preparation by each functional manager is critical. Following the Environment study from our previous session, the executive should do a process Analysis for each department in his function followed by and INs and OUTs study for each.

 According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of the items in a business could carry 80% of the costs. 20% of the costs occur 80% of the time. Before the CEO brings the executive team together to explore ways of improving throughput, enhancing performance and reducing costs, each Functional executive should examine the frequencies of things in that function and their impact on costs.

10. In Less then 3 Mins – Creative Cost Reduction Meetings

11. Examples of Creative Meeting Results

So what kind of results can creative C-Level meetings produce for the organization. See the examples from textiles and automotive manufacturing in the book “Getting More with Less” and on the “Case Studies” page of


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