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“You’re immigrating to the USA. Good luck. You’ll be sued within the first six months.”  My friend Les Cowie has a story that starts with those words.  As he was sitting on the porch with a friend, sipping a Gin & Tonic, watching the beautiful South African sunset, his friend told him he’d be sued.

Fast forward. He’s arrived in the US and comes face to face with a gentleman in a wild turn of events involving his son, who encountered a mailbox and a neighbor, then created the most successful independent movie ever made: The Blair Witch Project.  Intrigued? You should be.

But it got me thinking.

Are there coincidences when it comes to the meetings that we find ourselves in? Was it pure chance that Les’s son experienced the things he experienced and got where he is?  If you believe that there are no mistakes, that things happen for a reason, Les’s son’s story is one of unbelievable providence.  Maybe, just maybe, Les’s son was meant to destroy that mailbox. And maybe he was meant to meet that neighbor. And maybe that neighbor was meant to invest in Les’s son the way that he did.  And maybe his son was meant to have the wild success that he experienced.

So what about you? Do you believe that there are accidents?

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