When Business Conditions Have The CEO In A Squeeze

Are you under pressure from stakeholders to improve returns? Are you wanting to lead your executive and management teams into a better future? Do you need help in setting up Creative Meetings that can help your people find places for innovation and improvement? Talk with us to explore how we can help you in getting more with less. Call or email us. There's no cost to explore the possibilities.

Book: Getting More with Less

Available now on Amazon and Kindle, the quick read book, “Getting More with Less”, leads you into ways to improve performance and reduce costs even when you think you’ve cut cost to the bone.

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The Profit Pillar

This pillar applies to every organization whether industrial, commercial, service, religious, or government. It forms the basis of creative sessions.

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Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how the Profit Pillar has been used during executive Creative Meetings facilitated by Les Cowie Consulting consultants.

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