“Getting More with Less” is a quick read for executives and top level managers.  It introduces executives to ways in which they can lead their teams through Creative Meetings to examine performance and costs in every function and for every functional layer of their organization.  The principles apply to any kind of organization whether industrial, commercial, service, hospitality, healthcare, religious, non-profit or government whether local, state or federal government.

“Getting More with Less” introduces executive teams to ‘The Profit Pillar’ and its universal application.  The book helps executives find fresh ways to improve performance while reducing costs even when the organization may already have made major cost reductions.

The book inspires CEOs and their executive teams to implement a series of Creative Meetings that dig deep into the core of the organization at each functional layer.  They focus on “Less” by determining those 20% of factors that make 80% of the impact on throughput and cost.   The examples of organizations who have already applied this approach, reveal how stunning innovation comes from focusing creative thought to break the bonds of the status quo.


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Other Business Books by Les Cowie

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“New Job?  Fast Start!  7 Steps to be seen mastering your new job quickly”

You aced the interview and landed your new job. Now comes the hard part: learning your responsibilities and proving your worth. Like most new employees, you’re likely eager to take on this challenge. But you’re also probably overwhelmed by the new training, information, and people within the organization. You need to adapt quickly, but how?

New Job? Fast Start! is an informative guide that teaches you to focus on critical elements in your position and to process them into positive workplace results. Author Les Cowie provides an “X-ray view” of a typical job and seven critical steps to follow. He explains how to define your work environment by learning the internal workspace and familiarizing yourself with external communications. He also discusses how to recognize the job’s flow by tracking typical and disruptive work patterns, analyzing task frequency, and developing a chart of the processes.

Additionally, you’ll discover how to document important tasks and create helpful checklists. You’ll also learn how to anticipate and prevent possible mistakes at work. Finally, you’ll find out how to identify and focus on your most important job responsibilities. Master those, and you’ll make a lasting impression!

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7 Steps for Employees to be Successful Quickly: In-Company Mentor Edition”

How does your business prepare new staff for their positions and job responsibilities? They probably get a payroll and benefits orientation. They may sit through videos on company history and policies.

None of this provides new employees with job-specific training, leaving the employee on his or her own to discover the job and its processes. This is not an effective policy.

Les Cowie offers a straightforward, practical seven-step solution to help talent developers rapidly analyze, capture, and deliver relevant job content. Once in place, his system can

  • focus and energize in-company talent-development teams,

  • establish project plans with the goal of capturing all corporate job content,

  • train on-the-job mentors,

  • establish a digital job library filled with training content,

  • offer new employees the information they need to learn new skills quickly, and

  • improve customer satisfaction, productivity, employee morale, and retention rates.

We cut to the heart of the matter—providing employees with the training necessary to do their jobs. The IN-Company Mentor approach easily integrates with existing corporate policies without increasing costs. 7 Steps for Employees to Be Successful Quickly is a high-return process capable of transforming your organization.